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Luxury Gluten Free Hotels Edinburgh

Gluten Free Hotels Edinburgh B&B

Try these delicious Aussie Pancakes. Yum, they are just as delicious Gluten Free!

Here at Barony House, Luxury Gluten Free Hotels Edinburgh, Gluten free Bed and Breakfast Edinburgh we do not simply offer “Gluten Free” options. We are also Coeliac friendly. We have Coeliac disease in our own family so we have come to understand the need to offer Coeliac sufferers the same level of gourmet food quality enjoyed by the wider population.

Do you crave a Coeliac friendly, Gluten Free Hotels Edinburgh B&B breakfast each morning of your stay? We are the perfect place for you! Sadly, on many occasions, we have faced ignorance on the subject of Gluten Free, Coeliac friendly options at restaurants and eateries. Now, you can feel rest-assured of a Coeliac safe and healthy Gluten Free Hotels Edinburgh B&B experience with us at Barony House.

What is Coeliac Disease?

luxury gluten free hotels edinburgh

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease where your own body’s defences will attack your colon when there is any Gluten present. Over the many generations, our food has been more and more industrialised.We do not eat the same whole foods our ancestors once ate. For example, the dwarf wheat we all eat now was created after the 2nd world war to solve hunger in India and China. Perhaps there are many in the population who have not been able to adapt to the modern processing that goes on in our foods? Evolution takes time.

There is also a growing science that links Coeliac disease to Irish genetics. It is unknown why the Irish genes might be more susceptible. Theories include links to historic diets rich in potatoes.

You can read more about the Irish link here:

What Luxury Gluten Free Hotels Edinburgh B&B options do we provide?

Nowadays, you can make just about anything “Gluten Free”, it all comes down to having the will to do it. Just about everything on our breakfast menu can be made Gluten Free and in a Coeliac friendly way.

Have you ever tried Gluten Free Pancakes, Aussie style?

This is only one of many options on our Luxury Gluten Free B&B Edinburgh breakfast menu to cater for a Coeliac diet.

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