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Edinburgh tattoo tickets

Best Edinburgh Tattoo Tickets #1 in Edinburgh 2024

    Do you have your 2024 Edinburgh Tattoo Tickets ready? You can buy them in advance here: Get in quickly though, every year they are sold out fast and after last year’s spectacular show, a new standard of quality has been created! We won’t spoil it for you with the details but let’s just say when you utilise everything modern technology can do and mix it with timeless tradition, you have a winning formula!

    What is the Edinburgh Tattoo?

    The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo first started as a special Edinburgh attraction in 1950. The term “tattoo” comes from a military tradition of a ceromonial signal for taverns to turn off their kegs. This would allow military personnel enough time time to sleep and recoup for the next day of duties.

    Since 1950, the ceremony has grown. It encompasses Commonwealth countries, British military, international countries and artists to come together to perform a dazzling display to share with the world.

    Edinburgh Tattoo tickets have now become a bucket list event, bringing the entire world to Edinburgh. The event is staged on the esplanade in front of Edinburgh Castle to an international audience which is typically split 33% Scottish / 33% British / 33 % International.

    No wonder Edinburgh wins the award for Britain’s 2nd most visited city in the U.K. Second only to London.

    Edinburgh Tattoo Tickets

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