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holyrood palace

Holyrood Palace Brilliant

    Holyrood Palace or (The Palace of Holyroodhouse) is one of the “must see” attractions in Edinburgh. Full of history and incredible displays of Royalty. Inside there is also a collection of priceless furniture, hanging antique carpets and of course, a lot of paintings.

    The audio guide is a masterpiece as it takes you on a tour which is spoken with such perfection. Time passes quickly and before you know it, you are finished and wanting more.

    The Palace of Holyroodhouse is a working palace, meaning that it is still an official residence of The Royal Family who visit and stay here every summer. Many of our guests have caught a glimpse of Royalty during their stay while they are in town.

    Have a read of the history of Holyrood Palace on the official site HERE.

    Book your Tickets for The Palace on the official site HERE.

    Book a room to stay with us at Barony House HERE.

    palace of holyroodhouse
    This is an incredible view of Holyrood Palace from Arthur’s Seat. A lovely walk to get there from Barony House!

    To make our way to Holyrood Palace from Barony House, first, we simply walked to Arthur’s Seat. Then we took our time inhaling the fresh air as we did the gentle treck over “The Salisbury Crags” section and soaked in the incredible views of The Palace as we approached.

    Read about our visit to Arthur’s Seat HERE. Arthur’s Seat is a fantastic attraction by which you can combine your visit to The Palace of Holyroodhouse. We recommend hiking all the way to the top after your visit to The Palace, especially on a fine, clear day! You will see the entire city of Edinburgh from one side, then you can see the Forth River clearly in the other direction.

    Photos are NOT permitted inside The Palace of Holyroodhouse. We did manage to take some snaps around the ruined Abbey, attached to The Palace:

    Palace of Holyroodhouse Abbey:

    holyrood house
    Approaching The Abbey from The Gardens. Another lovely day in Edinburgh!
    Holyrood House
    Side view of The Abbey

    Holyrood House
    A view down The Vaulted Aisle attached to Holyrood Palace

    The abbey church is steeped in history dating back to 1128 when it was founded by King David I of Scotland.

    The abbey church has been a ruin since the 18th century as quoted by Wikipedia below:

    ” The abbey church was used as a parish chruch until the 17th century, and has been ruined since the 18th century. The remaining walls of the abbey lie adjacent to the palace, at the eastern end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. The site of the abbey is protected as a scheduled monument. “

    Holyrood Palace – photos inside:

    Although we are not allowed to take photos inside Holyrood Palace, at least we can use official photos so you can catch a glimpse of what to expect. Although there are many official photos of inside The Palace of Holyroodhouse, we will only show you one, to keep the mystery alive:

    Palace of Holyroodhouse
    Mary Queen of Scots Bedchamber – Inside The Palace of Holyroodhouse

    You will have heard of Mary Queen of Scots everywhere. Perhaps it is because she was the mother of King James the I of England and the VI of Scotland. Scotland had in effect conquered England by having its king become King of the entire British Empire. As in the modern age, there remained a huge chasm between the ruling / political class and the plights of ordinary people so although a Scottish king was in charge, it never really made any difference to day to day life of most people. Indeed, a lot of the time, King James stayed in England and rarely visited his home Palace of Holyroodhouse. His subjects, especially in Scotland grew discontent with this.

    King James was born in the Palace of Edinburgh Castle and you can see the tiny room in which Mary gave birth to him when you visit Edinburgh Castle. You can also read about our visit to Edinburgh Castle HERE.


    At Barony House, we would love to host your stay. It is a pleasurable walk to Holyrood Palace from our front door but importantly, nothing will start your sightseeing day better than one of our delicious breakfasts:

    michelin star edinburgh
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    Welcome to Barony House, welcome to our world. We hope to see you here soon!


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