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Arthur's Seat Edinburgh Map

… up ARTHUR’S SEAT Edinburgh – Extinct Volcano!!

     When we first moved to Edinburgh, Paul would call Arthur’s Seat volcano Edinburgh, ‘Devil’s Peak’! It made me laugh every time he said it.

    I can see the connection though, as The Arthur’s Seat Death Edinburgh has a definite presence in Edinburgh. I still admire it with awe. While I travel around the city, I turn a corner and suddenly it appears – Edinburgh’s extinct volcano bursting out of the ground in all of its glory. *Simply Stunning* It is no wonder but is Arthur’s Seat worth it? After winning many awards for “top attraction” in Edinburgh, I think it is!

    Trivia: Did you know, there is an “Arthur’s Seat” on the south coast of Victoria, Australia about 85km south of Melbourne? It was named by Acting Lieutenant John Murray when he entered Port Phillip Bay on HMS Lady Nelson (1798) in February 1802, for an apparent resemblance to the famous hill from Edinburgh (which was his home city).

    For the nature lover this is a definite must and Barony House is perfectly positioned to start your hike to the top. We’re so close you can be up to the summit and back down in time for our delicious breakfast! (What better way to burn off that pain au chocolat :P)

    Select this link to Download Walking Directions and a Detailed Map of this attraction and our Local Area – 2 Page PDF

    Arthurs Seat

    How to get to Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh City Centre? All the buses going southbound from town will take you there but the easiest thing to do is jump in a Taxi.

    The Salisbury Crags:

    This photo below shows off the famous “Salisbury Crags”. Despite how it looks, this is a far easier climb than going to the summit. It is a a very wide path, gentle slop and on your way down you get an excellent view of Holyrood Palace.

    You can also see the map above where it is clearly labelled “The Salisbury Crags” and you can see how this leads straight to Holyrood Palace.

    If you visit the National Museum of Scotland, you will find mysterious Arthur’s Seat Coffins which were found somewhere in the photo below:

    Arthurs SeatView towards The Salisbury Crags with Edinburgh Castle on the left. Taken from the ring road (If you’re not up for the hike, you could always cheat and drive around the one way ring road)

    Secret attraction Close by:

    After reaching the top, you can hike back down the other side to explore Duddingston Village. Here, you will find a secret garden called Dr. Neil’s Garden. It is tucked away behind the old church and has magnificent views of a loch. With many swans swimming in front of you, you can relax on a comfy bench seat. There are lots of paths to explore and a lovely little bridge over a small man made pond. Above all, this is a perfect photo stop!

    Finally, you can enjoy a Pint in The Sheep’s Heid. The Sheep’s Heid is the oldest pub in Scotland, est in 1360. It is the only pub visited by The Queen!

    From Duddingston Village, you can easily catch the number 21 bus back to Barony House Bed and Breakfast, Hotels in Edinburgh. Finally, the trip back costs a local bus fare of £1.80 per adult at the time of writing this post.

    Press the floating Book Now button for a Barony House 5* Bed and Breakfast, Hotels Edinburgh experience and we will be sure to help you with directions / maps and advice. Overall, we want to enhance your next vacation to Edinburgh!

    Common Questions:

    How long does it take to climb Arthur’s Seat?

    Around 25 minutes, there are 2 ways to go: The steep way, which is shorter or the long way which is easier.

    How hard is it to walk up Arthur’s Seat?

    Depends on the weather. If it is dry, it is easier but Edinburgh had 4 seasons in one day so be prepared for rapid weather changes during your climb.

    Why is it called Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh?

    This is a good question. Nobody really knows. Legend has it there was a famour warrior known as “Arthur” which it was named after. Certainly, when you view it from where we are at Barony House, you can see the saddle shape or “Seat”.

    Is Arthur’s Seat extinct?

    Yes, it is extinct. It is a very old volcanic plume.

    Do you need to book in advance to visit Arthur’s Seat?

    No you do not. It is nature so to never closes, except for the occasional rock fall.

    What’s the best way to see Arthur’s Seat?

    Stay on the south side of Edinburgh. We, at Barony House are on the south side so you can catch great views of it from our Royal Room.