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Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh

5 Star Hotels Edinburgh

Discover a Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh world of relaxed luxury hotels in Edinburgh, set in Edinburgh’s historic past. The colour and romance of the Arts and Crafts era surrounds you as you enter the magic of Barony House.

Barony House is an original Edinburgh Period Town House, richer in quality than your average Edinburgh Hotels. Nestled deep in the upper middle class southside suburbs, once teaming with merchants and the well to do gentry. Only those wearing a top hat were allowed to enter her main entrance.

Over the years, history has been brought back to life, married with the colour and romance of Arts and Crafts designs combined with modern luxuries. There is no other 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh / 5 Star Hotels Scotland experience like this one.

Introduction and Welcome to the World of Barony House – Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh Experience:

Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh
Many Luxury Rooms to choose from, all themed and inspired by the romantic Arts and Crafts era:

John Ruskin, the famous pioneer of Arts and Crafts romance, is in fact an ancestor of the very lady who will make your stay special. You can read more about the John Ruskin family discovery here:

What makes a Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh experience, special?

Attention to detail goes a long way! In this day and age of multi-nationals, the smaller independent operators can only survive through good old fashioned care and personal service. Being a smaller, boutique operation allows a more unique experience, where you are not treated as just another number. Quality counts! With less volume to manage, attention detail becomes easier and more robust. Everything from locally sourced produce for breakfast to bespoke hand made decor and premium quality fixtures and fittings throughout.

Travel like a local! Tourism is huge in an ever growing capital city. Your stay is enhanced with local knowledge of the many hidden gems on offer in and around the city. Your 5 Star experience is enhanced with 5 Star recommendations which cover not only local places to eat but local attractions and hidden must see gems.

Large 5-Star hotels are often too big and busy to cater to your needs. Independent operations ensure you are always kept comfortable and often provide that wow experience by virtue of the intrinsic value associated with a lessor workload.

Our Travel Journal:

Travel research always helps to enhance your stay. Throughout our website we have written about a few of our experiences in some of Edinburgh’s most popular attractions. We are perfectly located. Halfway between the 2 Castles in Edinburgh.

Originally we are from Australia, we came here on holiday and couldn’t leave. Now we have explored a lot of what Edinburgh and Scotland have to offer however we are always excited to discover some new piece of history or attraction we have not yet explored. We are a wealth of information which we are keen to share during your stay. It all helps to enhance your experience and to get the most out of your visit to Edinburgh.

Support a family on your visit to this amazing and unique city, we will always put your experience first and look forward to the satisfaction we get when you have had a unique and special stay.

There is no other Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh experience like this one: Barony House is the best hotels in Edinburgh city centre.

Best b&b Edinburgh
Enjoy our award winning breakfasts each morning

Breakfast at Barony House is an occasion. Served in the freshly restored (2022) Dining Room. Feel like the gentry of our past as you bask in the luxurious environment created by the resident artist. Your host will not only cook up your specialty Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh breakfast but she will ensure you feel her individual talents in every aspect of your stay. We only aspire to be the best luxury hotels in Edinburgh.

Common Questions:

Where is the nicest part of Edinburgh?

The Southside is the nicest part of Edinburgh. We say this because Arthur’s Seat forms the epicentre and brings glorious nature to our doorsteps. Craigmillar Castle is the most intact castle ruin in all of Scotland and is also on The Southside. The famous Rosslyn Chapel is South and the oldest pub in Scotland plus much more…

How much does it cost to stay at a 5-star hotel in Edinburgh?

Price varies. Avoid the city centre, go roughly 1 mile out and enjoy a real luxury experience without the city centre price tag, city centre noise and city centre crowds.

Are there 5-star hotels in Edinburgh with free cancellation?

After Covid, many have free cancellation. TIP: NEVER use a 3rd party booking website like booking .com or Expedia / Hotels . com .. They are click bait, designed to take your money (through the back door). They can never offer anything, the property can not offer by Booking Direct.

Transport Links:

We are located 1 mile from the city centre. We are on the main road in and out of town (A701). We have a 24 hour Taxi Butler service. In moments, you can summon a Black London style Taxi to our front door. It is only around £7 or so to the city centre.

We are the closest location for free parking to the city centre. You can also use your car to visit many local sites. Rosslyn Chapel to our south. Craigmillar Castle, Duddingston village and the oldest pub in Scotland (The Sheep’s Heid).

Extended Local attractions:

If you fancy a trip to the beach, you can drive to Portobello Beach, even better – you can extend your Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh experience by enjoying a drive into North Berwick, Tantallon Castle. Tantallon Castle has incredible views into the North Sea, across the Seabird Centre.

Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh – Links to share:

Another important part of a Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh stay is sharing links to the quality experiences around us:

Book a Highland Tour:

Book an Underground Tour:

Visit the incredible Craigmillar Caste:

Arthur’s Seat is Edinburgh’s #1 Attraction:

Rosslyn Chapel – from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code:

Holyrood Palace:

Edinburgh Castle:

The Royal Mile:

What about the weather?

Family History:

Here is a nice piece of history to read about our building and where we live:

Breakfast Allergies? Gluten Free? A Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh experience includes a deep understanding of food:

Browse our Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh Rooms:

Servants’ Quarters:

Are you thinking Michelin Star for a special Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh dinner?

Yes! Edinburgh is a foodie paradise:

Are you ready for a Luxury 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh experience?


Examples of 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh: The Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh – Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh – the Caledonian – Witchery by the Castle – Town Chambers the Balmoral – Cheval old town Chambers – 4-star hotels in edinburgh. Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh the Caledonian. Kimpton Charlotte square hotel. How far is the Britannia Hotel from Edinburgh City Centre? How much do Edinburgh 5-star hotels cost? Which 5-star hotels in Edinburgh are romantic? What are the best 5-star hotels in Edinburgh? What 5-star hotels in Edinburgh have nice views? Where do celebs stay in Scotland? Where do celebrities stay in Edinburgh? We have had many famous people come and stay with us at Barony House, Edinburgh. 5 Star Hotels Edinburgh are too exposed to fans – no privacy! When you stay in a Boutique Guest House or Luxury Boutique Guest House Edinburgh you get the luxury without the attention! Private, relaxed luxury – better than staying in the city centre. No crowds of tourists and you are assured of complete relaxation. Look out your window into a timeless Victorian Suburb and bask in historic architecture and a window into a time long forgotton. People back then were not unlike people of today. You get a real sense of that in your luxurious experience which is better tha The Balmoral Hotel of any other 5 Star Hotel! Attention to detail is key and we can provide that during your stay. Breakfast is created by our in-house foodie – obsessed with great food and all the luxury you would expect from a 5 star Hotel in Edinburgh. Open our door to a world of magic, beyond your wildest dreams – set foot into the past but never lose sight of our future. Mankind has a long way to go but if we work together we can reach our full potential we are a civilised 5 Star Edinburgh experience – 5 Star special places to stay in Edinburgh! See you on your next visit and thank you for supporting a family – a true luxury – 5 Star luxury in Edinburgh! Who needs the city centre luxury hotels edinburgh when you have a 6 Star Edinburgh experience right here! Address phone number. 5 Star Hotels Scotland. Best 5 Star Hotels Scotland.